Since Spring 2017, Board Members of ACT Manitoba have been researching an insurance policy that effectively meets the requirements of it’s member groups. Based on a previous policy that ACT Manitoba held until Summer 2016, the new policy sought has been a basic umbrella policy providing all of our member groups certificates providing:


a. at least $2 million in third-party liability insurance, so member groups could apply to events and/or use of facilities requiring such coverage;


 b. at least $1 million in third-party vehicle liability insurance, to cover usage of member or rental vehicles used to transport member group equipment, props, costumes, sets etc; and


 c. at least $10K property insurance to cover loss of group equipment, props, costumes, sets etc


Such a policy is not available through agencies and brokers, and had to be directed to the insurance companies themselves and addressed by their underwriters; a time consuming process. It should be noted that no other provincial theatre association provides insurance coverage to it’s member groups; the closest being BC and Ontario where they don’t provide coverage but have negotiated with a preferred insurance company for an optional but reduced coverage rate for it’s member groups.

As an interim policy, while it was working with the insurance companies, in order to provide insurance coverage to those member groups that required it, the Board agreed to assist any member group with event insurance coverage, as necessary for it’s activities.




As of this 2019, only one insurance company had agreed to review our requirements and provided a proposal. While the proposal is not unreasonable, it does require ACT Manitoba to pay minimum premiums equivalent to coverage for 25 member groups, which is far greater than the number of member groups that ACT Manitoba has had over the past three years. From this the Board finds itself with a “catch-22” situation; we may not be retaining member-groups because we don’t have the benefit of group insurance but we not be able to afford the premiums on such a policy because we don’t have and may not retain enough member groups.

As such, the Board decided to re-examining the actual need for ACT Manitoba to provide insurance to it’s member groups; again, no other provincial theatre association provides insurance coverage. In June, the Board asked it’s membership what type(s) insurance coverage (if any) they currently possessed, if any; and if so, whether they were paying for the coverage themselves or was it provided under someone else’s coverage (such as a municipal or facility policy). Unfortunately, few member groups actually responded, so consequently, the Board has tabled the discussion until the coming season, when it conducts it’s strategic planning on developing the applicability of ACT Manitoba in the changing face of community theatre.

In the meanwhile, the Board has agreed to extend it’s interim policy and will continue to assist any member group with event insurance coverage, as necessary for it’s activities.


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